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Katwa is the head quarters of Katwa subdivision in the district of Bardhaman, West Bengal. The area has a rural charm and natural beauty, but many trading and other business activities has made it clumsy and congested. It is mostly a middle class residential area.

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  • Shrabani Lodge, Ganesh Chandra Ghosh wrote 6 months ago:
    Chandan I'm Ganesh, I want to view Katwa with my girlfriend. Is it possible?
  • Katwa, Rathin (guest) wrote 6 months ago:
    Katwa is my hometown also and is a great place. it is a business centre because as many as people of 4 districts viz. Burdwan(katwa is a subdivision town), Nadia(the othe side of river Ganges), Murshidabad(salar is 25 minutes away via train) and Birbhum regularly come to Katwa as no priximate town is there. Still it has a rural charm. When I go to Katwa, I find the heavenly days of my childhood away from crowd, pollution smoke and garbages of Kolkata. You can visit HAZARDUARI which is a historical place. Kartick Puja is another attraction of Katwa.
  • Narattam Roy, loknder (guest) wrote 11 months ago:
    thanks .................. seeing your location
  • Shanku Biswas, sunita (guest) wrote 11 months ago:
    hi, kamon acho enemy?
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